AWOW S2 projector firmware upgrade

AWOW S2 mini portable projector is based on embedded system, is not the android system which been auto upgraded by google.

That is easy to image your iPhone to the S2 projector.
To be compatible the new iPhone X, you should upgrade the S2 projector firmware to V1.1 version.

It’s easy to do that, only 3 steps:

copy the firmware V1.1 to one flash disk(USB disk);

Step 1: plug the USB disk to your S2 projector and then power on your S2 projector.
Step 2: Please poke the reset hole to start up the upgrading view;
Step 3: Please poke the reset hole again to start up upgrade process.

If upgrade complete successfully, the S2 projector will auto start up and go to the welcome window.

S2 firmware V1.1 software link:

  • About S2 firmware V1.1.

Optimization item:
1. iPhone X imaging or mirror compatibility;
2. Some Android smart phone compatibility;
3. About 20ms delay optimized;


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